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2012 GTS 300 Super
Reviewer: Donald Huffine
From: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States
Email: dhuffine@drgeekit.com
Date: 08/05/2011
Rider Height: 6' 0"
Rider Weight: 225
Miles/Hours: 50 miles
Overall Rating:
Specs: Empire Cycle & Powersports Specs
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Worth Every Penny

Vespa's are generally overpriced scooters, there are many brands that give a similar result, but not the same. I've only got just under 50 miles on it so far. I'm still on my first gallon of gas (city driving all the way). I will say it's a smooth ride, it's a well-performance machine. You can just tell when riding it that makers know their stuff. I bought mine from a dealer in Pittsburgh/North Huntingdon, and I have much love the place. They were very patient, accommodating, and didn't make you feel like you were signing your first born over. I will suggest this to anyone who loves scooters, and for anyone who wants easy to work with sales people!

Upgrades/Accessories:  I would suggest getting a Top Tank if you want to keep your helmet with the Scooter and you wear a full-faced one. It does not fit anywhere in the scooter. I would also suggest a bike cover if you plan on keeping it outside.

Write your own Review of this Vehicle!

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